Wheels of Fortune quiz night, 2014 October 24

Friday 24 October is the night for our 2014 quiz night. There will be all sorts of surprises and prizes to win or buy a silent auction. Put together a winning team to compete at table of up to 8. $15 per person, $10 concession. Look out for more details on our website soon on how to book your table. 

Pedal Update Spring 2014 Edition out now - The Coastal Path in Charles - Sturt, Bike Boulevards and more

The new edition of our quarterly newsletter Pedal Update is out now.

And now for something completely different - a great Xmas present idea

Support the Bicycle Institute while enjoying a wickedly good read! Fairly Wicked Tales is a new anthology of 23 re-writings of fables and fairy tales, debuting at #64 in Amazon's top 100.  In support of the Bicycle Institute's recent change to a free membership model, contributing author Fay Patterson is donating profits from sales of the book to the Bicycle Institute.

SA Council election candidates and cycling

Thank you to Heather of Adelaide BUG, who collated the draft info on Council candidates, what they have to say, and how to contact them. BISA edited the final spreadsheet.

Mike Turter Bike Path at Glenelg gets an upgrade for safety

DEPT have written to the Bicycle Institute to let us know they are improving the cycling walking facilities around Jetty Rd, Brighton Rd and Maxwell Tce at Glenelg.

There are a list of improvment in the letter but to summarise they are improving crossing and access to footpaths in the area. 

Tram line maintenance works affect cyclists September/October 2014

It's overnight but it some cyclists might be using the bikeway.

Winter edition of Pedal Update out now - The SA Budget, the year in review, future of the bike workshop & more

The new edition of our quarterly newsletter Pedal Update is out now. You can read it online below or follow this link if you can't see it.

Outcomes of the AGM and the year ahead

Our AGM was held 14 May.  For those of you who didn’t attend, I was elected chairman and Jeremy Miller vice-chair. 

Jeremy has been chair of the Bicycle Institute for 6 years and in that time became well-known as the face of the Institute.  I’m sure we are all grateful for Jeremy’s contribution and welcome his continuing active role.

I also express my gratitude to Katie Gilfillan, who has stood down from the role as Vice-chair.  Katie was very active in that role, and in fact initiated the changing membership model that was outlined in a letter to you before the AGM.

Have your say on the new South Road corridor

The government is spending billions of dollars creating a 'non-stop corridor' of South Road. What will this mean for those who live along it, those who need to cross it to get to schools and shops or to visit friends etc? Unless we pressure the decision makers, the first corners to be cut will be the links across what will be a freeway. We know from the tram bridge across South Road that they’ll only provide cycling and walking infrastructure if they are made to. We need to make our voice heard. Our first chance will be at the information sessions for the Darlington section.

Improved cyclist facilities at Adelaide Airport

Bicycle Institute member, Adelaide and Prospect BUG co-ord and tireless campaigner Heather reports on a major win for cyclists who use Adelaide Airport. Highlighting to the General Manager that the world's cycling community are coming to Adelaide for Velo-city she identified some facilities that should be available for visitors and locals who use the airport.

Read a copy of her letter here.

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