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Reforming The Bicycle Institute of South Australia’s membership model

Reforming The Bicycle Institute of South Australia’s Membership Model

Request for feedback

The Bicycle Institute (BI) committee is currently considering options to reform the membership and funding model of the Bicycle Institute of South Australia.  It is expected to be put for discussion and vote at the AGM to be held in May. Feedback prior to this is warmly welcomed.  Please also come along to the AGM to discuss.

Why the change?

Official notice of 2014 AGM

Hello members and friends.

The 2014 AGM for the Bicycle Institute, SA will be held at our regular meeting in May. All members are encouraged to attend and non-members are also welcome to hear more about what we do.

May 14 at 7 pm, at the Conservation Council rooms, Level 1, 157 Franklin Street.

Light snacks and tea and coffee will be available.

Any questions please email or

We hope to see you all there.

News from Port Adelaide BUG

2014 is flying! We have a renewed Government, new local MPs and a new Minister of Transport. And all sorts of things are happening in the Port's bike world! Sam Powrie reports.

Recent activity by the Bicycle Institute

Here are a just a few things The Bicycle Institute has been up to in the last month.

The Bicycle Institute has been watching the growth in users of the the Mike Turtur bikeway at Unley and note that the council has been tiding up overhanging foliage and sweeping the path for debris, but it is a narrow shared route and surface is poor in places. The speed of cyclists often disregards the condition. We are approaching Unley Council over these issues.

Bike Art Adelaide POZIBLE campaign

Help us raise the funds necessary to produce Tandem - the flagship exhibition of 2014 Bike Art Adelaide Festival! A community-centred DIY Festival, Bike Art Adelaide is run by a dedicated team of volunteers.The original idea was simple - to display artwork about and featuring bikes at the same time as the Australian Cycling Conference and the Santos Tour Down Under. The first, highly successful, edition of this bi-annual Festival was held in 2012 and now we're back to bring you the second instalment in January 2014!

Calling creative cyclists!

Bike Art Adelaide (BAA) is a community event that aims to explore, express and celebrate everything bike during the frenzy of cycle-love that accompanies the Santos Tour Down Under.  In 2014, BAA will be held from 13-31 January.


Frome Street, stage 2 feedback from BISA

The Bicycle Institute made a feedback submission on behalf of our members to the Adelaide City Council on their plans for second stage of the Frome Street Bikeway. Thanks to committee members, especially Fay and Ian, for their work.

You can download and read the document here.

The council are seeking feedback on Stage three. Do you have an opinion? Let us know.

First Velo-City 2014 speakers announced

We've been so busy organising our quiz night that was held last Friday night, and was a raging sucess, that we've missed out on relaying the news that the first of the keynote speakers at the Velo-City conference to be held in Adelaide next May were announnced.

Janette Sadik-Khan, New York City's Department of Transportation Commissioner; placemaking expert, Ethan Kent, Vice President, Project for Public Spaces (PPS) and blogger, Mikael Colville-Anderson, CEO of Copenhagenize. Three speakers that are well known experts on the subject of urban cycling but will be also be interesting to hear their take on Adelaide.

Frome Street feedback

The Bicycle Institute made a submission to the Adelaide City Council on their Frome Street bike route plan. You can download it here. Thank you to committee members Fay Patterson and Ian Radbone for their work compiling it.


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