Bike Art Adelaide POZIBLE campaign

Help us raise the funds necessary to produce Tandem - the flagship exhibition of 2014 Bike Art Adelaide Festival! A community-centred DIY Festival, Bike Art Adelaide is run by a dedicated team of volunteers.The original idea was simple - to display artwork about and featuring bikes at the same time as the Australian Cycling Conference and the Santos Tour Down Under. The first, highly successful, edition of this bi-annual Festival was held in 2012 and now we're back to bring you the second instalment in January 2014!We're almost there as January swiftly approaches, but we need one last push to get us over the line. Having already attracted significant in-kind sponsorship from The Adelaide Airport and The Bicycle Institute of South Australia, and even a small financial contribution from the Airport we have been able to dream big... but we still need your help to make the final stages of the exhibition happen.Curated by Tegan Hale and Eleanor Scicchitano, with artists Theofunya and team, Adelaide Bike Kitchen, Don Brice, Jacky Mutaugh, Steve Oatway, Malcolm Richards, Cynthia Gemus, Karen Cornelius, James Stewart, Obie O'Brien, Kat Coppock, and Loren Pingel and Jeff Pitt in co-operation with the Lobethal community association. Just confirmed... Alicia Min Harvie and Andrew Haycroft are also set to debut a new dance work at an exclusive launch event.To see what we have planned, what we’re dreaming of, how you can contribute and be acknowledged (and to see some insanely good Post It Note art being made), visit


Interesting, this is surely

Interesting, this is surely something to look forward into by people who are fond of bike and cycling. - YOR Health