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Cycling to School by Fay Patterson

I just read Fay Patterson's article "Cycling to School" in the latest edition. Some interesting and positive suggestions.I disagree with one minor point in the article where Fay says, "infrastructure cannot address the social and practical issues that work against cycling to school - heavy loads, cycling in sometimes inclement weather, helmet hair".We have all now seen hundreds of articles dealing with children riding to school in the places where it works - and we have seen the pictures (check for example the post about Assen on aseasyasridingabike).Heavy loads are not an issue if you have the right bike. Very sturdy racks are available that can be mounted on the front of the bike. They are also very stable because of how they are attached and do not really affect steering. Inclement weather? There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. As for helmet hair, the easy answer is do as the rest of the world does and don't force people to wear helmets. Address the safety issue at its source.Edward

I love cycling and after

I love cycling and after reading this post I was inspired and very much interested with this activity. - YOR Health