Recent activity by the Bicycle Institute

Here are a just a few things The Bicycle Institute has been up to in the last month.

The Bicycle Institute has been watching the growth in users of the the Mike Turtur bikeway at Unley and note that the council has been tiding up overhanging foliage and sweeping the path for debris, but it is a narrow shared route and surface is poor in places. The speed of cyclists often disregards the condition. We are approaching Unley Council over these issues.

One nice idea a member had was to see more trees along cycle paths. The Bicycle Institute  spoke with DPTI over the idea that would help shade paths and create a more pleasant cycling environment. DPTI said they will consider the idea for some current and future path planning. We are also thinking more about the idea and considering if there might be a site that could be identified as a trial location for a pilot project. Let us know if you can think of a good candidate. Working with tree planting groups like Trees for Life might help make this a reality.

You might be aware that every year in March councils engages volunteers to count cyclists commuting during 7 and 9 am on the first Tuesday in March. The collected data is being processed now and we hope to be able to share that data soon.

Our chair Jeremy Miller had the opportunity to attend a special talk by Rodney Tolley, international guru on walkable cities and designing for best walking practice to improve public health. The talk was attended by government representatives and planning professionals. Jeremy took a lot away from the seminar and said it reaffirms his strong belief that if you make an urban space walkable it can only be good for cycling.

For Bicycle Institute members our annual general meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 14 at the Conservation Council, Level 1, 157 Franklin Street, Adelaide starting at 7.00pm.



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Tree Trial Location

The brand-new bike path between Charles Cane Reserve and the Gawler train line in Prospect would be an ideal location for a tree-planting trial. This short section of path has replaced a line of trees and is completely devoid of vegetation.