Frome Street, stage 2 feedback from BISA

The Bicycle Institute made a feedback submission on behalf of our members to the Adelaide City Council on their plans for second stage of the Frome Street Bikeway. Thanks to committee members, especially Fay and Ian, for their work.

You can download and read the document here.

The council are seeking feedback on Stage three. Do you have an opinion? Let us know.

First Velo-City 2014 speakers announced

We've been so busy organising our quiz night that was held last Friday night, and was a raging sucess, that we've missed out on relaying the news that the first of the keynote speakers at the Velo-City conference to be held in Adelaide next May were announnced.

Janette Sadik-Khan, New York City's Department of Transportation Commissioner; placemaking expert, Ethan Kent, Vice President, Project for Public Spaces (PPS) and blogger, Mikael Colville-Anderson, CEO of Copenhagenize. Three speakers that are well known experts on the subject of urban cycling but will be also be interesting to hear their take on Adelaide.

Frome Street feedback

The Bicycle Institute made a submission to the Adelaide City Council on their Frome Street bike route plan. You can download it here. Thank you to committee members Fay Patterson and Ian Radbone for their work compiling it.


Ride and tell - it's ready to roll

Our quarterly update on completed new cycle infrastructure and initiatives introduced to promote cycling. Not what will be done, not what is planned, but what has been done. Compiled by Katie Gilfillan.

Why are we doing this?

To celebrate the positive steps taken by State and Local Government to support cycling.

To keep you up to date on improvements that may make your ride more enjoyable.

To ask for your feedback on how it works for you as a cyclist and improve our collective knowledge of what works, where, when and how in South Australia.

A ride in India and a ride in Oman

Tim Marriage took the opportunity of a business trip to India to test out his new folding bike, and tick off a few more countries on his list. On the qay he discovered new cultures, met cyclists like him and found some inner strength to get through some rough patches. He wrote his report for our most recent issue of Pedal Update.

The greenways lobbying message

At our AGM in May, Bicycle Institute Members were given a detailed presentation on the state's greenways and the work that is going into connecting up the city's cycling routes, improvements to bike lane and crossings at arterial roads. Edward from the Bike Adelaide blog writes in our recent Pedal Update, that the take-away message is if cyclists don't make their voices louder these important projects could be blocked by the noise of a minority of dissenters.


by: Edward of Bike Adelaide Blog

The dream of the car is over

The dream of the car is over

By Jason Thompson, Monash University

Originally published at The Conversation.

I had always been obsessed with cars. To me, cars represented freedom, engineering excellence, modernity, technological brilliance, speed, fun and excitement.

I still love cars but not like I used to. Now, I grieve for them. I grieve for what they promised me but cannot deliver. Why? Because these days, driving a car is sadly neither exciting nor liberating. More frequently it is mundane, unproductive and frustrating. Worse, it is deadly.

Winter edition of Pedal Update

The latest edition of Pedal Update, our quarterly newsletter, is online now and heading to members mailboxes soon. In this edition you can read about the briefing DPTI gave at our AGM on the great work they're doing connecting Adelaide's bike path network and installing safer crossing points at arterial roads, take a journey on a folding bike to India and Oman, learn about bike boxes and safer cycling in the city, meet our new committee members and find out about some upcoming cycling events including out first quiz night in September.

Read it via Issuu below or here.

Chair's Report, March 2013

The madness that is March in Adelaide is fast receding into memory. The warm nights and hot days are flowing into the autumnal cool that promises winter soon. For us more hardened transport cyclists, the arrival of the cooler weather and all it brings does not mean hanging up the bicycle for another ‘season’ or turning to indoor ‘training’ to keep fit and in shape. What happens is that our clothes become an embodiment of memory, with winter clothing suited to the bicycle percolating to the surface again, wardrobes being arranged to suit. The bicycle is a transport of delight, a counterpoint to the speed and disassociated dislocation of a city experienced within the passive confines of automobility.

Super Tuesday bike count observations

Ian Radbone from HubTT, has prepared an observation on the results of this year's Super Tuesday census results. As a background; on the first Tuesday of March a census of cyclists riding between 7am and 9am is carried out by volunteer counters. It's not just held in Adelaide but in other capital cities as well.

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