Integrated Movement Strategy released

More on the ACC's approval of their Integrated Movement Strategy as it comes out, but it will be great for cycling and pedestrians and in reality not too bad for cars either. Unlike the Channel 7 news who seem to want to scare people that cars will somehow be forced into exile and nobody will be able to find a park, this is about making Adelaide a more interesting and economically stronger city in giving pedestrians the priority in the streetscapes in which they can mingle, shop, sit around at cafes etc etc etc and spend money.

San Francisco: Reclaiming Streets With Innovative Solutions

Adelaide's cargo bike revolution being led by the Lord Mayor

Stephen Yarwood came along to the Cargo Bike Picnic today at Elder Park, with his son Oliver. He tried out the Miller-MacRae family shopping/ child carrying vehicle, along with a few others. Check out the cargo bike grin.

After his ride he got up and spoke a few words and declared his love of cargo bikes and wants to see them as a part of the transformation of the city. The only problem is, cargo bikes might scratch cars... [open the story to see the great photo].

Latest cycling news from DPTI - Military, Churchill Rd & Emerson Overpass

The press releases have been coming thick and fast this week so I thought I'd post them up in one go.

1. Military Rd gets new bike lanes:

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) will begin the installation bicycle lanes on Military Road between Bower Road and Dunstone Road, Semaphore Park next week.

The bicycle lanes to improve safety for cyclists will be operational once line-marking and signs are in place.

They will operate during peak traffic periods from 7.30 am to 9.00 am and 4.30 pm to 6.00 pm from Monday to Friday, in both directions.

DPTI on the Mike Turtur Bikeway!

DPTI have produced a time elapse video with a map superimposed to show how fast it is to ride from Glenelg to the CBD using the Mike Turtur Bikeway. Now you can tell friends there is no excuse if you live that way.The Mike Turtur Bikeway runs from Glenelg to the City. This video shows the route during a typical morning peak hour, taking just under 25 mins for the entire journey. For more information on getting around Adelaide by bike, visit

An end to America’s exurbia? For first time, city, urban growth outpaces that of outer suburbs

The Adelaide's urban sprawl has followed the US path to date - will it also follow the US path again and go from boom to bust? The economics of continual low density urban sprawl have never added up but have been supported over the last twenty years with access to easy credit and supportive governments. However the global economic situation has changed since the GFC which has increasingly put in obstacles to gain access to easy credit to fund this urban sprawl.

Bicycle advocacy groups gaining support in the US

Another reason to support the Bicycle Institute in it's work for promoting cycling in SA. It seems the current congress is failing in their attempts to cut back walking and cycling programs (which defy logic in itself) in part due to the increased efforts and strength of an increasing number of walking/bicycle/transit advocate groups. From

Transport guru Fred Hansen appointed to help revitalise Adelaide's suburbs

The Bicycle Institute very much welcomes this announcement as we have worked with Fred with bicycle policies for Adelaide. He is very knowledgeable and brings a great deal of vision and experience from Portland Oregon.

Premier Jay Weatherill today announced former Thinker in Residence Fred Hansen will head the state's Urban Renewal Authority.

Designing Healthy Communities

More on the American way of unhealthful living. The heavily subsidized suburban design of the American Dream is at the heart of obesity, mortgage, and fiscal problems. Watch this video lecture below, in which Dr. Richard Jackson, host of the PBS-special presentation "Designing Healthy Communities," shares his views about how the built environment is also central for putting us back on track. Hosted and recorded by the New America Foundation.

TEDxOU - Jason Roberts - How To Build a Better Block


Opposite to the 'top down' concept of urban design is BETTER BLOCK, founded in Dallas' Oak Cliff by Jason Roberts and Andrew Howard. The Better Block project is a demonstration tool that temporarily re-visions an area to show the potential to create a walkable, vibrant, neighborhood center. The idea and the charrettes to realize it have quickly spread to cities like Memphis, St. Louis, New York, and Boston. National media coverage includes NPR, the Washington Post, and the New York Times.

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